With 21 years of experience as a certified fashion designer, I have combined my skills of design and creativity to help you make your dream dress a reality.

I understand how important your Gown should be, because I also treasure my work and your satisfaction. With my professional opinion, finding, customizing, or designing your Gown makes this meaningful process easier and more enjoyable for you. 

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am a Colombian fashion designer, 46 years old, married and with two children; a 26 year old daughter and a 27 year old son. Starting a family so early led me to the fashion industry. I wanted a career that enabled me to be home with my children while working in developing what would become my greatest skill. I loved it immediately! I remember sewing my first piece. It was a pair of jeans for my 6 month old baby. It had insert pockets of Disney characters. It  was so elaborate and detailed! I had discovered an amazing skill! My natural talent in design, creativity and perfectionism in tailoring contributed to my specialization in the highest level of dressmaking, including men's suits and other formal attire, leaving my customers always satisfied. 

In 2001, I arrived to the United States with my family and started working as a seamstress for The Perfect Bride in Rocky River, Ohio. I was able to obtain a Permanent Resident status for my family and myself thanks to the company's request for my professional skills (special thanks to Karen Lackner who was my sponsor with the bridal store). This was the beginning of my journey as a wedding gown designer in the USA. 

Five years later, perhaps looking for warmer weather, I moved to Cape Coral, FL. In the sunshine state, I continue to put all efforts in making brides happy with their dream wedding dress, accessories and celebration. 
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