If your mother, grandmother or relative still has her wedding dress, despite the condition or style, we can restore it and upgrade it to the modern style you prefer, keeping the original and sentimental value that the gown already has.

We provide the full package. First we clean the old gown to take some of the yellow out and then we procede to make the upgrade you want. You can show to designer Claudia Giraldo one or several pictures of your ideas and she will help you to choose the best options.

If you are from another state we will discuss all the options through e-mail and we will send you back a contemporary wedding gown from an antique dress that has been transformed  into an invaluable piece of tradition.

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Maria Elena O'Neill said on 8/26/10 - 01:30PM  
 My wedding was May 2009 and all my life I had wanted to wear my mother's wedding dress which my mother had preserved and saved for me. When I got engaged I opened up the dress - it was beautiful but had some stains, rips and was in the style of long sleeves and a turtle neck. Claudia was able to completely redo the top to be a v-neck with princess sleeves, she used to decals from the materials she removed to cover the rips and the stains she couldn't get out. And when it was done it was perfect. Exactly what I wanted and still my mom's dress. After my wedding she cleaned and preserved the dress for me and I will keep it for my daughter. I am forever grateful to her for the amazing work she did and how she transformed the dress to be everything I dreamed. She truly is gifted at what she does.  

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Designer Claudia Giraldo can transform your mother's long sleeves dress in a gorgeous strapless gown
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